10 Things your socks will never tell

  • The sock is a foot cloth, usually woven, extending from the foot sole to the ankle. Ancient Greek synonymous to the sock: peripodio (around the feet).
  • The English word 'sock' derives from the Latin loose-fitting slipper, called "soccus", worn by Roman comic actors. The Latin "soccus" derives from the Greek "sykkos", the shoe from the land of Frygia.
  • A sock's life may vary depending on who uses it and it is treated; but in general, the life of the average sock can be anything from six months to two years.
  • Socks played a significant role in the first heart surgery. Dr. Alfred Blalock was in fact wearing socks which supported his feet and heels and helped him sustain his standing position for hours.
  • The phrase "like socks on a rooster" means that something doesn't fit quite right
  • The famous quote "One can never have enough socks" belongs to J. K. Rowing, found in the book "Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone", Bloomburry Publications, 1997.
  • During the Middle Ages, the length of the trousers was extended and the sock became a tight cloth covering the lower part of the leg, held by some kind of a garter.
  • Around 1490, short trousers were knitted together with the socks, becoming some kind of a cloth that later led to the creation of tights.
  • William Lee, an English priest, invented the first knitting machine in 1589. Such an invention meant that socks could be knitted six times faster than by hand.
  • The birth of the textile industry in Greece coincides with the first efforts for the country's industrialization. The history of the Greek textile industry begins more than a century before. The first knitting factories were founded in 1860 in Piraeus and Syros island, followed by factories in Patras, Livadeia and Argos.
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