Advertisment of "POURNARA" sock manufactoring company at BLUE Magazine of Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air - July & August 2016


Press Release of "POURNARA" sock manufacturing company at newspaper "Proto Thema" on 05/06/2016


The POURNARA sock manufacturing company presents the “No Seams” technology

Enjoy the quality of POURNARA socks now with no seams. The new technology offers comfort and style. Try the new “No Seams” socks of the POURNARA sock manufacturing company and offer your feet the care they deserve.



Pournara introduces new knitting technology

Pournara introduces new knitting technologyPournara sock manufacturing company presents for the first time in Greece and abroad the technology “one size fits all” in 100% mercerized cotton socks. The new technology defies sizes and allows the sock to fit in the foot offering a unique experience of comfort. This new technology sets the base for a rapid rise in exports.


Beyond the POURNARA brand, the company exports its products through the brands PRESIDENTSOCKS, RIGHTLEFT and International Socks Club


Brand new Pournara web site – www.

Brand new Pournara web site – www. Pournara.comThe brand new web site offers its visitors detailed information about the company’s history, its products, the unique quality of the materials and the latest technology regarding the knitting processes while providing interesting material on the history of socks and useful instructions of washing and treatment. Our website visitors may also check out the humorous daily stories our socks “tell” and have a laugh and useful tips by clicking on the “10 things that your socks will never tell” page.

Visit the brand new, improved Pournara site and learn everything your socks will never... tell!

Pournara socks’ re-branding

Pournara socks’ re-brandingRespecting its history, tradition and values as the leading socks brand, the “Pournara” sock manufacturing company has decided to redesign and update the company’s logo which was “born” in Athens in 1949. Keeping intact the letter “Π”, which constitutes the company’s brand identity, the logo redesigning was mainly based on the change of colors and font background. By using classic black and pale gold as the dominating colors, the revamped logo, attempts to retain all those characteristics that define the brand and reflect its timelessness, quality and prestige the way it has been established in consumers’ minds for many years now.

The Pournara socks due to their high status and authenticity have become the top choice for men of all ages. The label’s rebranding will now allow younger and more dynamic ages to identify with the brand and choose its socks for both their classic and youthful outfits.
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