Washing instructions for socks (wool, nylon, rubber parts etc)

Washing instructions for socks


Well-preserved socks can make the difference to your style.

Take good care of your socks, maximizing their longevity

Make sure that you change your socks on a daily basis, so as to reduce the 'wear and the tear' effect. By wearing clean socks every day, you also keep your feet clean and fresh.

Sort and store your socks depending on color and style. Such method will help you avoid wearing two socks of different color, while you may easily identify what color is missing from your collection, so as to purchase a new pair of such color.

Inside out: If you wash your Pournara socks inside out, their colors will remain vivid and their longevity will be maximized. Wash dark colors separately.

Together forever: Use the Pournara special net while washing your socks. This way, your socks remain as a pair in the washing machine, while you can also separate the family's socks of different sizes. In order to store your socks, simply put one sock on the other and roll them together into a ball.

To avoid any odors:
Choose the right sock for you and avoid feet odor.

The Pournara sock manufacturing company suggests that you use socks rich in wool, such as absorbent, sport socks (code numbers 781 & 195), anti-perspirant socks (code numbers 150 & 211) and antibacterial socks (code number 941) .

We strongly suggest that you follow the instructions on the Pournara socks laundry labels.

Laundry symbols:

Washing instructions for socks Do not bleach
Washing instructions for socks Do not dry clean
Washing instructions for socks Do not iron
Washing instructions for socks  Water temperature: maximum 60οC or 140F

I care for the environment:
Tips for eco-friendly laundry washes

-Always wash your clothes with a fully loaded laundry bin. Modern washing machines adjust programs according to the clothes' load but the energy, water and time consumption required will still be lower per kilo if the bin is fully loaded. Be careful, however, not to overload the laundry bin. In case of overload, clothes don't come out clean and you will need to consume more energy and water to re-wash them.

-Quick programs consume more water per kilo of clothes, in order to achieve the desired outcome, when compared with long-lasting programs. Usually, quick programs will not allow you to fully load the laundry bin.

-You should prefer washing programs designed for cotton clothes. Such programs offer better results, while consuming less water and energy per kilo of clothes.

-Avoid selecting a lot programs designed for delicate clothes. Such a program is necessary in very few cases.

-The difference lies in the details. When purchasing a washing machine, look for the "Direct Spray" system, which can save you up to 50% in water. Look also for the "Delay Start" system, which will allow you to program the machine to work during the time of the day when the power consumption is at its lowest.

-Choose a tumble-dryer that uses a capacitor instead of a fan. Dryers that use a fan to operate may give the impression that they use less energy when, in reality, the total energy consumption is higher, regardless of the machine's energy classification.

-Select a clothes' dryer that uses a capacitor instead of a fan. Dryers that use a fan to operate may give the impression that they use less energy when, in reality, the total energy consumption is higher, regardless of the machine's energy classification.

Give single socks another chance: Since Pournara socks last 3 times more than any other ordinary sock, you can use your single socks for many different prusposes:

Most people have a handful of single socks in their dressing drawers, waiting for the other part of the pair to be found! When all hope is gone, the following tips may make your single Pournara socks useful again, giving them a second chance.

1. Use your single socks to protect fragile objects (e.g. glass) from breaking when hitting one other.

2. Cover your shoes with a Pournara sock before you place them in a traveling suitcase, so as to protect your clothes from shoe dirt.

3. Use single Pournara socks at each end of a ladder to prevent marks on the wall.

4. Clean plaster residues off your walls with nylon socks. Simply create a ball with the single sock and rub the wall. The result will be spectacular.

5. Use your single Pournara sock to replace your missing eyeglasses case. Store your eyeglasses, sunglasses or sea glasses in a sock to protect them from scratches and store them in safety.

6. Wrap your kids' small stuffed animals in a sock before putting them in the washing machine. This way, you will prevent damages to delicate parts of the dolls, like buttons etc.

7. Sliding your hand in a sock is an easy, effective and quick way to clean blinds and other dry surfaces from dust. Apply the same technique to clean corners, cracks and inaccessible areas.
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